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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Quick update on tasks

Hi all.

Well, I thought I would let everyone know that we have just over 11 weeks until show-time!! In order to be as prepared and organised as possible I have created a small list of things to do every week so that all areas are covered in time. Of course this list is just a guidline of the progress we should be making and in reality deadlines will alter as we go long but atleast this way we all know what needs to be done.

Week 10 (24th-30th Jan)
  • Source whiteboards
  • List of local businesses on Dudley Rd
  • Organise time to meet every week
  • Begin email list
  • Source further sponsorship
  • Have next meeting with School confirmed
  • Contact School on floor plan for space
Week 9 (31st Jan- 6th Feb)
  • Attain email list from Mike Swain
  • Revise layout of the room- electrical points, extension cord routes, lighting etc
  • Create deadline for work being made
  • Create deadline for info for press releases etc
  • Begin thinking of ideas for leaflets, posters etc
Week 8 (7th-13th Feb)
  • Drafts for leaflets or more definate ideas for graphic designer
  • Issue info to graphic designer
  • Need to have access to some sponsorship money in prep for printing
  • Review work made so far

Week 7 (14th-20th Feb)
  • Focus upon making work
  • Regular meetings and discussions

Week 6 (21st-27th Feb)

  • Review progress of work so far
  • Get graphic design ideas complete
  • Quotes for printing, food, boards etc need to be finalised
Week 5 (28th Feb- 6th March)
*Remember Berlin Trip 28th- 5th*
  • Have finalised graphic design atleast, to begin printing
  • Half way! Work needs to be coming along and names and titles established in the process

Week 4 (7th-13th March)
  • Printing needs to be complete
  • Recrute people to help with the reception- car park attendants, bar tenders etc
  • Make checklist of things we need to do to finish the work- display, hanging etc

Week 3 (14th-20th March)
  • Begin issuing out flyers etc
  • Email contacts
  • Final decision on what makes the show work wise
  • Radio announcements

Week 2 (21st- 27th March)
  • All work must be completed
  • Photograph all work and create press release for exhibition and print
  • Prep for set up week
  • Rota to be made to over see exhibition whilst it runs
  • Finsih handing out flyers etc
  • Reminder emails

Week 1 (28th Mar-3rd April)                     SHOWTIME 1ST- 3RD APRIL
  • Set up week:
  • Monday/Tuesday- boards installed and painted.
  • Wednesday- moving in the work
  • Thursday final set up
  • Prepare for the opening night
Hopefully this will help us stick to the priorities involved and help us all to know what we can be doing. There are probably lots more things to add but, I hope this gives us a good basis to begin. Please make sure you all attend University on 25th Jan so that meetings can be arranged asap.

Thank you!!

Sophie Padget

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