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The Dudley Road School
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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Dudley Road School and enterprise hub meeting

Hi all, I thought I had better introduce myself seen as I am one of the long standing participants of the FORM: exhibition and I haven't yet spoken to you all. My name is Sophie Padget and I am a member of the intial team consisting of Sarah and Keith.

As one of my roles I record points discussed in group meetings etc, so I though this would be the perfect opportunity to air some points made at the meeting with Dudley Road School on the 10th Jan'11 for all of us to look at.

Points discussed.
  • Type of work we will be entering- how are we going to make the public aware we are showcasing 'Fine art'? One of the questions asked was what is Fine art?? what sort of work do we create??
  • Will we be taking advantage of using the frontage of the school?? for promo stc. Or will the University have made something for the front by April 2011?
  • Issues raised about having a banner- cost is an issue maybe a bit too expensive but perhaps sponsorship would cover that depending on the sponsors we get. A banner would be a great way of publicising the exhibition to passing traffic on the main road, to make the School more noticeable and to show that we are using this building to bring something back to the community.
  • How are we going to advertise around the building?
  • Possible Radio promotion in West Brom, Stourbridge and Wolverhampton.
  • Access to databases through Mike Swain on various contacts (particularly those of nearby schools)
  • Getting nearby Schools involved?
  • Confirmed dates 1st- 3rd April for back room. Dates waiting to be negotiated on having access to the building the week before to prepare space.
Overall it was an extremely informative meeting that has set the ball rolling. Thank you very much to all of those who meet us at the meeting we are extremely grateful for your time and cooperation.Can't wait to get started!

Hope these notes help you all.


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