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Friday, 28 January 2011

Introduction to the work of Katie Rea

Hey guys,

I thought I'd introduce a selection of work that I've developed over the past year to familiarise you all with my type of practice.

My work takes on the form of sculpture; an art form that I'm very passionate about. I like the idea of transformation and use this within my work through mediums such as plastic, playdoh, metal and more recently light.

My work definitely has a strong surreal aspect which is gained from how I manipulate the objects/materials. I have an obsession for experimentation into materials and I generally do this by melting the materials to investigate their outcome. I'm fond of texture, shape, colour and the aspect of interaction - I encourage viewers to engage with my work not only through vision but also touch. I find the alien-like-quality of my sculptures often baffle others and questions tend to get raised which I enjoy, as it adds that element of confusion.

I'm not quite sure where my fascination with transformation developed since the idea of change within my own life scares me. However I find having the power to control, alter and transform artwork satisfying.

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