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The Dudley Road School
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Saturday, 5 February 2011

white boards

Hi all, last week I noticed a load of white boards in the photographic studio on the lower floor of the university, I think we should investigate. One alternative is to buy them, I've done some research at Wicks and if we buy in bulk we can pick up some boards for £7.03 each. I realise this is expensive so we will need some sort of sponsorship which we can try to tackle on monday at the Dudley Road meeting. Can anyone think of an alternative to whiteboards? I think we need to talk about the work we are exhibiting to see if there are other, cheaper display alternatives.

Regarding sponsorship, I have emailed Mike Swaine regarding contacts he may know. Unfortunately he said he was not able to pass on this information due to confidentiality. We can talk further to him at the meeting. I think he may have been confused as to why we wanted the contacts, basically we just wanted to invite them to the exhibition.

We have another meeting at the school on Monday. After the meeting I think we should take stock of the room we are using, get a feel of the place and talk about the flow of the exhibition. We need to discuss what we are going to put into the exhibition and whether we should invite other people to show their work. I think we should take a look at what some of the 1st years are doing and maybe chat to some of the 3rd years. Anyone who fits into the criteria of our exhibition should be approached as I am starting to become very aware of how big the room is and how little time we have to produce work for the deadline of the exhibition.

We must remember our cameras and note pads! 


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