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The Dudley Road School
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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Intro to work by Sophie Padget

Hi guys!

Thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you all to some of the work I have created over the last year or so.

My work takes the form of sculpture and I use materials such as wood, metal, plaster, expanding foam etc. The main subject I am dealing with is controlling the uncontrolled. This idea is underpinned by my interest in the mind and to what extent we can control it (in particular relation to the struggle with mental illness, emotions and memories). I try to tease out these issues by playing with containment and using opposing materials or materials that are uncontrolled to a certain extent- for example expanding foam, melting ice etc. My aim is to gain control over these substances.

Hope this gives you all a bit of an insight into the work that I produce and how it relates quite strongly to FORM. Can't wait to start making some new things....


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