The Dudley Road School

The Dudley Road School
Gallery Space

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Hi everyone. My name is Sarah Greene and I am also one of the initial members of the team. I am looking forward to making some new pieces for our exhibition and working along side everyone.

Thought the layout of the timetable of things to do will rely help us keep focused.

I would like to let everyone no that there will be a regular meeting every Wednesdays at 2pm in our studio space.

Here is some information from today’s meeting, hope it all helps.

Points Discussed:

  • Sarah - Whiteboards
  • Gem - List of local businesses
  • Keith -Begin e-mail list
  • Further our sponsorship
  • Contact the school for information about the layout of the room.
  • Deadline for work will be on the 21st March
  • Background for our flyers and posters we are thinking a form from the school. In our next meeting with the school we will take images and perhaps use the windows of the school as our background.
Thank you
Sarah Greene

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