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The Dudley Road School
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Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Hi all.

It all went a little quiet for a while... the calm before the storm I suppose. Most of our group were involved in a trip to Berlin which took us out of circulation for a while....... an exciting and informative trip enjoyed by all.

Another reason for the silence was just getting work completed for the exhibition, suddenly its almost upon us and there still seems so much to do.

The posters and flyers have now been printed and Sophie and Sarah have been shopping for plates/glasses/napkins for the opening on the first.

We still need to come up with a solution for the white boards and some plinths still need to be made.

All in all its going ok but there does seem enough hours in the day to get work completed.

We all intend to go over to the the school this Friday afternoon to start planning the exhibition.

We'll Keep you posted


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